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Talk about a wild wedding day where the entire family… scratch that, the entire neighborhood comes together for one heck of an event!

I should back up to begin with the location.  One in which I never knew existed.

James’ family owns a house 3000ft above the Palm Springs/Coachella valley, within a (secret) neighborhood buried deep into the mountains over looking the desert. Family friends own the house you’ll see the girls getting ready in and another awesome couple owns the Spanish-styled casa where the main event takes place. To use the term, unreal, doesn’t do the estate justice.

It wasn’t until I began culling through and editing the photos that I realized how much actually took place throughout the day. When I arrived it was overcast with light drizzling rain… by the time I reached the guys it had cleared to a scorching hot full sun day… we took some photos… then it happened… monsoon.  Serious monsoon.  Like the type of flash flooding you see in a disaster movie.

The outside reception was already setup and more or less floated away. Que the wonderful neighbors to the rescue… I put my camera down and began to help strip the tables. One hour before the ceremony start time we divided all of the soaked linen between five dryers and boom, fresh laundry for the tables. Once the rain departed we reset and just like that we were back up and running.

Then BOOM… the largest rainbow I have ever laid eyes upon. As if a gift from the heavens it lasted all the way through the ceremony. Follow that up with a wild desert sunset… it’s safe to say I was pretty dang excited to be there taking some photos.

Check out these lovers in the desert!



Palm Springs Desert Mountian Wedding :: Hilary + James


I preface with this… Bali has my soul.

Just looking through these as I’m posting, gives me severe “post trip depression”.

But it’s all good, the wife and I plan on moving there in a few years… right babe??

We arrive minutes before sunset in Uluwatu at the impossibly cool, cliffside Uluwatu Surf Villas… then ventured inland to Bali’s spiritual center, Ubud.

Staying first at, hands down the most architecturally breathtaking place I’ve ever been, Bambu Indah… after a few days we continued deeper into Ubud’s jungle to an AirBnB straight out of a Dwell Magazine spread… only to finish our two week jaunt back on the beach in Canggu at the Casa Ocean View Villa.

If you happened to stumble across my blog and it’s a Monday or Wednesday, then quench your workday blues with some pretty scenery and killer sunsets here.

The following images are made with the Nikon f100 & Nikonos V loaded w/ Kodak Portra 160, 400 & 800… there’s a few drone shots in the mix.

Go here.



Left My Heart in Bali


Anna, a genuine mermaid and John, a gentlemanly secret agent, got married.

There was a very cool flower crown, a mariachi band, ballerina inspired dress, we were in the Keys, smiles for days.

The venue was called La Siesta Resort… the party was quite the opposite.




La Siesta Islamorada Wedding Photography :: Anna + John


Always the photographer never in the wedding…

Well that’s not entirely true here.  Last month my younger brother FINALLY married the sweetest little lady on the planet… years in the making, one awesome night.

With best man responsibilities on the evening’s horizon and an inner wanting to be fully present in the moment, I limited myself to a single disposable camera my brother gave as a groomsman gift.

Awesome idea by the way.

Seeing the films scans I got back unlocked a sudden need to photograph an entire wedding with a dozen of these little cameras… so discrete and fun.  Genuainly asking, anyone out there willing to invite me to the wedding and use only these film cameras will be my forever hero… I’m dead serious.


Personal, Weddings

B&W Disposable Camera Wedding Photography :: My Brother


The story I could tell you regarding the paths these two have taken in life to finally meet in New York would be too long for words and almost too amazing to believe.  From escaping a country for freedoms we stateside take for granted, Zorik and John arrive now in Palm Springs to confess more love for one another than I could have ever been prepared for.

These guys and their entourage have more style and grace in a single pinky finger than my entire being.

It’s no surprise that our venue for the festivities housed all of the guests and events nicely within this jaw-to-the-floor compound in Palm Springs, CA.  The Dinah Shore House is seriously the craziest home I have ever set foot in… my OCD for clean lines and bright colors hit the roof.  Decidedly laid back attitudes and a never ending feeling of anticipation kept us all tight with excitement for the day to unfold; one that has been a long time in the making for so many reasons.

I’m very excited to share Zorik & John and what love needs to raise it’s bar upward towards.



Palm Springs Wedding Photography :: Zorik + John


Well… a few people back in Florida have been asking me, “Hey Chris, why the move out west to become a California based photographer?”  Aside from the obvious reasons of adventures with my wife and epic surf… it’s what you see in these coming photographs roaming around the Joshua Tree desert.

Kudos to Ben Sasso and Katch Silva for hosting us at the Boulder House during the #heckyeahworkshop



Joshua Tree Couples Session :: Jaicee + Danny


My goal… my ultimate goal come wedding day… camera in my hand… brain firing at a million miles an hour… is to blend in.

Become a shadow on the wall.

Have you forget that I am there seeing, anticipating and recording the smallest of moments happening right before your eyes… moments and feelings you will relive every single time you both look through your photos.

A quick bit of backstory, Jordan and I first met all the way out in Jackson Hole, WY at Brent & Corey’s wedding and I always find it so amazing when people remember my work and then invite me along for their own wedding festivities… it’s like a huge family reunion in which I have now transplanted myself directly into.  This aspect of photography is why I do what I do and will never, ever stop.

Seeing as how Jordan and Joseph are seriously two of the most relaxed and lovable humans on Earth, I felt that the images needed to reflect the intimacy and candidness they both put forth.  I hope I did just that with a photo set here a bit different than the norm.



Backyard Florida Wedding Photography :: Jordan + Joseph



If I could take two people home with me after the wedding in a totally non creepy way… Chloe and Sean would be it.

The three of us first linked up for Sean’s surprise proposal to Chloe at the Hollywood Bowl, then we hiked through the Angeles National Forest for one of the wildest engagement sessions I’ve had the pleasure to experience… only to cap it off with a wedding for the record books.  My heart could not be more full of love for these two.

The McCormick House Ranch was only the second venue in California that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a wedding within, and believe you me, it was awesome!  Massive shout out to Mackenzie with Details Darling for coordinating the day!

Emily Magers, thank you friend for shooting along side me!



McCormick Home Ranch Wedding Photography :: Chloe + Sean


Smiles. For. Days.

I usually try to write a bit more when describing the amazing couples I am so lucky to shoot with, but these two have me at a loss for words… smiling uncontrollably the entire day is what has stuck with me all these weeks later.

It’s rare that someone is calmer than me come wedding time, but these two cool cucumbers absolutely blew me away. Not only was the love they shared towards one another so pure… but their raw and nonstop positive vibes literally gave me the chills (the good kind).

Elizabeth and Brad, I want to continue being your friend… heck, lets get an apartment together! Well, maybe just start with a surf sesh sometime soon.  Much love you two!



Elizabeth & Brad :: Boho Styled Beach Wedding


When Kristen and Jessie began telling me their plans for the wedding day, all I could think in my head was “YES THIS IS PERFECT… YOU TWO ARE PERFECT!!”

They both wanted more of a cocktail party complete with a custom pinball installation, good libations, closest of friends and family, with a wedding ceremony sprinkled into the mix.  I’ve been a HUGE advocate of wedding days that break the chains of “normal”… do what you want, not what you have read/seen/been told/or hear you should do.

Our venue for the evening, WithinSoDO, was seriously such a crazy cool place to photograph a wedding within… a little darker than I am use to, but holy smokes was it an intimate location for a small wedding celebration.

Kristen and Jessie thank you so much for putting your combined trust in me to capture the important moments.  Tiarra Sorte thank you and your photo skillz for joining in on the fun!  And to Rebecca with Blush Celebrations for keeping us all sane and knocking it out of the park with the killer venue design!

Venue: Within Sodo

Planning: Blush Celebrations (now Sane Weddings)

Florals + Design: Vases Wild

Catering: El Camion

Catering: Ezell’s

Chalk Art: Chalk Boss

Coffee cart: Espresso Elegance

Dessert: Baked for Cake

Dessert: Ice Cream, Molly Moon’s

A/V: The Sound Factory (lighting, ceremony backdrop, speakers)

Photo Booth: Emerald City Photo-booth

Pinball Rental: National Event Pros

Rentals: Pedersens

Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

Staffing: LadyBug Event Services



WithinSoDo Seattle Wedding Photography :: Kristen + Jessie