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When Kristen and Jessie began telling me their plans for the wedding day, all I could think in my head was “YES THIS IS PERFECT… YOU TWO ARE PERFECT!!”

They both wanted more of a cocktail party complete with a custom pinball installation, good libations, closest of friends and family, with a wedding ceremony sprinkled into the mix.  I’ve been a HUGE advocate of wedding days that break the chains of “normal”… do what you want, not what you have read/seen/been told/or hear you should do.

Our venue for the evening, WithinSoDO, was seriously such a crazy cool place to photograph a wedding within… a little darker than I am use to, but holy smokes was it an intimate location for a small wedding celebration.

Kristen and Jessie thank you so much for putting your combined trust in me to capture the important moments.  Tiarra Sorte thank you and your photo skillz for joining in on the fun!  And to Rebecca with Blush Celebrations for keeping us all sane and knocking it out of the park with the killer venue design!

Venue: Within Sodo

Planning: Blush Celebrations (now Sane Weddings)

Florals + Design: Vases Wild

Catering: El Camion

Catering: Ezell’s

Chalk Art: Chalk Boss

Coffee cart: Espresso Elegance

Dessert: Baked for Cake

Dessert: Ice Cream, Molly Moon’s

A/V: The Sound Factory (lighting, ceremony backdrop, speakers)

Photo Booth: Emerald City Photo-booth

Pinball Rental: National Event Pros

Rentals: Pedersens

Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

Staffing: LadyBug Event Services



WithinSoDo Seattle Wedding Photography :: Kristen + Jessie


When you find two people this madly in love… combine it with two over the top awesome personalities… add in a little mountain top views… and BOOM, wedding perfection.

We had some great weather, we had a ton of laughs and we had some epic adventures almost wrecking my rental Jeep off-roading trying to get to spots never photographed in before.

Brandy and Mike, picking Chalk Hill Winery for your mountain top wedding was perfect.  I’m so humbled that I was able to join along for the intimate moments as well as one crazy dance party.

We fancy.



Chalk Hill Winery Wedding Photography :: Brandy + Mike


Moving very abruptly from Florida to Southern California, I thought to myself that there would be no chance I would book weddings out here since I didn’t know a single soul in the state.

So when Mai and Matthew were the very first couple to find me, I literally screamed to myself in excitement after a few exchanges of emails.  These two lovely humans are so kind, so beautiful and so much freaking fun to be around!  And when you have a wedding celebration that is centered around friends and family… and you throw schedules out the window… and are completely carefree, you get the truest form of the perfect wedding celebration.

I am still always incredibly humbled to be a part of such intimate ceremonies, thank you two so much for continuing to awe me in the name of love.

And holy cow was Big Daddy’s Antiques in Culver City, CA an amazing venue for a wedding.  So check out the goodness! Thank you so much to Sweet Emilia Jane for making their day beautiful!



Big Daddy’s Antique’s Wedding Photos :: Mai + Matthew


I’ve honestly never felt such emotion over the course of a wedding day… nor did I believe the feelings I had were possible.  So much love and so much story fill Stephanie & Jesse’s wedding day out in the tiny town of Evergreen, CO… so take a look, thank you.



The Barn at Evergreen Wedding Photos :: Steph & Jesse


These two lovely human beings share more love and laughter between one another than the entire collective populations of Michigan, Rhode Island and Illinois .  I swear, I never once saw either one of them without a smile across their faces… this my friends makes my job 10000% worth it.

Heather and Ed I salute your love and am so blessed to have been apart of such an amazing afternoon!

And yes… Ed loves Star Wars (Heather’s warming up to the idea).

Also a HUGE thank you to the incredibly talented Jessica Perez for photographing along side me all day long, check her out she’s uber awesome!



Peachtree House Wedding Photography :: Heather & Edward


If you remember back a few months ago, Sean invited me along to be a part of his perfectly engineered, surprise of surprises, Hollywood Bowl proposal to Chloe.

To be perfectly honest, my fiance and I just recently moved out to Southern California and still do not know a whole ton of people… so with Chloe & Sean being two of the most positive and easy to love humans I’ve personally ever met…  couldn’t freak’n wait to hang out with them again.

We ventured up HWY2 into the Angeles National Forest, making photos as we hiking and exploring around the trails.  I’ve never been up to these seldom overlooked areas of LA before, but was BLOWN AWAY by what lays just a short drive outside of the crazy that is downtown.



Angeles National Forest Engagement Photographs :: Chloe & Sean


I’m only going to type three words that portray my feelings towards Jessica, Dustin and the photos we made:

Holy Freaking Moly



Thousand Steps Beach Engagement :: Jessica & Dustin


The story between these two is so deep… so passionate… and just so damn great, that this wedding right here is arguably one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  I really really like these two, a lot… creepily so.

Annnd moving right along.  Nique & Rob created and designed so much to make their little venue so vibrant with warmth and outdoor vintage appeal… everything was perfect, the party was a blast and these two… well these two are rock stars.

The Venue is The Acre Orlando



Vintage Orlando Wedding :: Nique & Rob


Adventure time with Heather and Edward way out in The Garden of the Gods was nothing short of amazing!  With two engagement shoots back to back this past weekend out in Colorado, I cannot believe I have been so fortunate to not only spend it with great couples but to explore some new spots that have been on my bucket list for quite some time now!

Heather and Edward live back in Orlando, so when they decided to hop a plane for something out of the ordinary when it came to shooting engagement photos, they gave me a call and asked me the easiest question I have ever been asked, “So Heather and I are thinking of doing photos in Colorado in The Garden of the Gods, you in?”  My answer was obvious.

… I may or may not have fist pumped and high-fived an invisible person in my office after responding….

You only have one chance to make your photos exactly how you envision them in your head, so take the leap and let’s explore the path less traveled.

Enjoy the heck out of these!



Garden of the Gods Engagement Photos


Stephanie and Jesse thank you!  Thank you for showing me a part of the Colorado mountains that I have never laid eyes upon!  Kenosha Pass for engagement photos was unreal… between the colors and the amount of varying terrain, I was a kid in a candy store.

Cannot wait to get back out there next year for the wedding festivities, yeah!



Kenosha Pass Engagement Photos