Camp Wedding at Dragonline Studio in Jamestown, RI :: Betsy + Willem

Sometimes when I look back through these photos, it feels like my mind is playing tricks on me.  I was here… this actually happened… what the heck…

Still to this day, I cannot believe Betsy and Willem invited me across the country to experience such a wildly cool two days of excitement and revelry.  Getting to also shoot most of the day on film just added to the level of wow pumping in my brain.

They set the stage for a weekend experience set to the mood of an almost Wes Anderson campy playfulness… not too serious and yet still refined where needed.  It didn’t hurt that the beach scene alcove from Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” was a few hundred feet away from the Dragonline Studio location where the festivities were taking place.

And yeah, you bet your butt we hiked over there for photos.

The two days we all experienced together is one for the books… a day I recap when my kids are grown and I need to prove I was once a legit guy.

  1. I grew up in RI, and these are just so lovely, I wanna shoot a wedding there. Love the feel of these and where your work is going. My two favorite images are the ones of her walking down the aisle from the back (wind!) and the large photo of the guests from afar (those colors!!).

    • Chris Glenn says:

      Hannah you’re the best thank you! That group shot is also one of my tops, been trying to include something similar for all weddings these days… like a “Where’s Waldo” looking for the couple lol

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