Colorful Ace Hotel Wedding :: Lindsey + Tim

What happens when a British and Aussie ex-pat decide to get married in the desert, well… it’s good things I can tell you that much.

With the stage set at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Lindsey and Tim really pulled out all the stops in designing a setting where their international guests would not only feel extremely welcomed… but where a fostered sense of love and sheer readiness to get wild once the sun had set was very palpable.

Custom one-off suits, a designer dress straight from the Gold Coast, a high-school marching band procession into the ceremony space and floral/table design by my favorite group ever (Hello Gem) is just the tip of the iceberg to what transpired here.  I really hope you’re able to see the relaxed atmosphere laced with excitement in the photos here.

Linds, Tim I heart you both big time.  Thank you for sharing your hearts and loved ones with me, so pumped to call you two friends now!


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