Big Daddy’s Antique’s Wedding Photos :: Mai + Matthew


Moving very abruptly from Florida to Southern California, I thought to myself that there would be no chance I would book weddings out here since I didn’t know a single soul in the state.

So when Mai and Matthew were the very first couple to find me, I literally screamed to myself in excitement after a few exchanges of emails.  These two lovely humans are so kind, so beautiful and so much freaking fun to be around!  And when you have a wedding celebration that is centered around friends and family… and you throw schedules out the window… and are completely carefree, you get the truest form of the perfect wedding celebration.

I am still always incredibly humbled to be a part of such intimate ceremonies, thank you two so much for continuing to awe me in the name of love.

And holy cow was Big Daddy’s Antiques in Culver City, CA an amazing venue for a wedding.  So check out the goodness! Thank you so much to Sweet Emilia Jane for making their day beautiful!


  1. Eve Rox says:

    Love this wedding! 🙂

  2. Emilia says:

    These are so amazing!!! LOVE Mai and Matt…this was such a fun wedding!

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