Backyard Florida Wedding Photography :: Jordan + Joseph


My goal… my ultimate goal come wedding day… camera in my hand… brain firing at a million miles an hour… is to blend in.

Become a shadow on the wall.

Have you forget that I am there seeing, anticipating and recording the smallest of moments happening right before your eyes… moments and feelings you will relive every single time you both look through your photos.

A quick bit of backstory, Jordan and I first met all the way out in Jackson Hole, WY at Brent & Corey’s wedding and I always find it so amazing when people remember my work and then invite me along for their own wedding festivities… it’s like a huge family reunion in which I have now transplanted myself directly into.  This aspect of photography is why I do what I do and will never, ever stop.

Seeing as how Jordan and Joseph are seriously two of the most relaxed and lovable humans on Earth, I felt that the images needed to reflect the intimacy and candidness they both put forth.  I hope I did just that with a photo set here a bit different than the norm.


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