Palm Springs Desert Mountian Wedding :: Hilary + James


Talk about a wild wedding day where the entire family… scratch that, the entire neighborhood comes together for one heck of an event!

I should back up to begin with the location.  One in which I never knew existed.

James’ family owns a house 3000ft above the Palm Springs/Coachella valley, within a (secret) neighborhood buried deep into the mountains over looking the desert. Family friends own the house you’ll see the girls getting ready in and another awesome couple owns the Spanish-styled casa where the main event takes place. To use the term, unreal, doesn’t do the estate justice.

It wasn’t until I began culling through and editing the photos that I realized how much actually took place throughout the day. When I arrived it was overcast with light drizzling rain… by the time I reached the guys it had cleared to a scorching hot full sun day… we took some photos… then it happened… monsoon.  Serious monsoon.  Like the type of flash flooding you see in a disaster movie.

The outside reception was already setup and more or less floated away. Que the wonderful neighbors to the rescue… I put my camera down and began to help strip the tables. One hour before the ceremony start time we divided all of the soaked linen between five dryers and boom, fresh laundry for the tables. Once the rain departed we reset and just like that we were back up and running.

Then BOOM… the largest rainbow I have ever laid eyes upon. As if a gift from the heavens it lasted all the way through the ceremony. Follow that up with a wild desert sunset… it’s safe to say I was pretty dang excited to be there taking some photos.

Check out these lovers in the desert!


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