Indian Cove Elopement on Film :: Jacquie + Basil

This was an unreal day… this day was something so much more magnificent than anything I could have anticipated… this day was simply… beautiful.
When Jacquie and Basil, two amazingly in-tune humans, with such style and grace, more kindness and wide grins than you can handle, decided to simply… get away in the name of love; picking out a remote spot in the middle of the Joshua Tree National Park was definitely the right call.  There’s just something that resonates with certain people here… you feel connected to something grander than yourself.
It’s also super quiet and real pretty, so it’s got that too.
Continue on for: flowers made by the bride, gems collected from all over the planet, strawberry socks, prickly bushes, smiles for days, large rocks, amazing light and more love than your brains are prepared for.


*starting to use film more and more in my work – about 75% of this day was on 35mm Kodak Portra 400 – the rest on the trusty Canon 5d iv
Quick interlude to show some context here… the three of us explored the entirety of our campsite at Indian Cove, looking for the perfect spot to build the ceremony spot.  In the coming photographs, you’ll see the rock & gem collection Jacquie and Basil have been collecting for YEARS from all sorts of meaningful locations they felt connected to physically and spiritually.  A ring of love and super positive memories.  I loved it so much.


  1. Gian says:

    Dude!!!! you are a film master now. Love seeing your work mate, makes my day. Cheers !

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