Chicago Summer Wedding Photographed Using Only Disposable Cameras :: Carley + Nicholas


I still think it’s pretty nuts that Carley, a documentary movie producer, and her now-husband Nicholas, all around sweetest dude I’ve ever met, invited me out to the ‘burbs of Chicago earlier this summer to photograph their entire wedding day using only… you read it right… a bag full of Kodak Funsaver single-use (disposable) cameras.

Why? you ask.

A while back, they both serendipitously stumbled upon a blog post I made showcasing a few shots posted from my younger brothers wedding.  The groomsmen were each given one Ilford 400 B&W single-use camera to use throughout the day… I thought some of the shots were neat and put them up HERE.  When they Googled “disposable camera wedding photography” I happened to pop up in the search… not something ever really meant to happen.  But damn, I’m happy it did.

Once a dialog began between the three of us, I couldn’t but wonder why using these cameras was so paramount in their wedding day.  Carley explained that the overall FEEL of the photos… the quick moments, the eye glances, the “you were there” feeling was honestly more important than the technical and polished look found in a lot of wedding photography.  Nicholas also agreed that when you only have a tiny, almost toy camera, pointed at someone… the people being photographed don’t react in the same manner as they would with a big professional DSLR looking their way.  As soon as I mentioned that my overall goal in all of my wedding coverage, is to always try and blend in as a guest, let’s just say that we all clicked and vibed pretty hard.

Let me tell you, two people have never been more right.  Probably 75% of the group didn’t realize I was a hired professional until a few minutes before my departure.

Got ’em!

The saying goes ‘the camera doesn’t make the photographer, one should be able to create with any medium available’.   I genuinely believe that the feeling we got in some of these photos… the super fast snaps… people letting their guard down… could not have been produced with my larger, more foreboding camera system.  One that more-or-less clearly labels me as “professional hired photographer guy”.

So take a look and let me know if this is something you’d be keen on doing.  Thinking of offering it as a permanent option to my photography packages.


Carley, Nicholas.  The trust you both had in me was extremely humbling.

I’ve never been more excited and equally nervous to photograph someone’s wedding day.  Thank you both so much for sparking a new path of creativity in my work.


*I used 15 Kodak Funsavers, 5 Ilford HP5 and one roll of Kodak Portra 400 (ran out of disposables at the end of the night).



  1. I love the feels, you did a really wonderful job sir. I cant imagine it was easy in any way although I am sure your back must have been very refreshed after only having to carry those around particularly towards the end. Congratulations on your creativity and ways to push your art.

  2. Ana Hinojosa says:

    way to good!! rocked it!
    incredible memories 🖤

  3. Elle says:

    Absolutely incredible. For reals.

  4. Stephanie Lyell says:

    Wow-honestly one of the best documented weddings I have seen in a while. I could really feel the story of the whole day. So good!

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