Palm Springs Wedding Photography :: Zorik + John


The story I could tell you regarding the paths these two have taken in life to finally meet in New York would be too long for words and almost too amazing to believe.  From escaping a country for freedoms we stateside take for granted, Zorik and John arrive now in Palm Springs to confess more love for one another than I could have ever been prepared for.

These guys and their entourage have more style and grace in a single pinky finger than my entire being.

It’s no surprise that our venue for the festivities housed all of the guests and events nicely within this jaw-to-the-floor compound in Palm Springs, CA.  The Dinah Shore House is seriously the craziest home I have ever set foot in… my OCD for clean lines and bright colors hit the roof.  Decidedly laid back attitudes and a never ending feeling of anticipation kept us all tight with excitement for the day to unfold; one that has been a long time in the making for so many reasons.

I’m very excited to share Zorik & John and what love needs to raise it’s bar upward towards.


  1. Davis says:

    This is absolutely incredible. My love for Palm Springs just went sky high… higher than before. The love between these two beautiful men is palpable.

  2. Clyde says:

    The love that is captured between these men is beautiful. The entire shoot should be in a men’s magazine for its style and vintage performance. Outstanding Mr Glenn!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You are such an amazing photographer. These pictures are spectacular. Keep killing it, as always!

  4. Eve Rox says:

    The way you document a Wedding is always beautiful. You took this wedding to the next level ! This is amazing! Wow! Love your work. 😊

  5. Pawel says:

    Such an amazing story! Did you also shoot film on this one or is it digital? What kind of presets did you use?

    • Chris Glenn says:

      Hey thank you so much. This was an older wedding so most of it is digital… no presets, just my normal tweaks.

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