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Always the photographer never in the wedding…

Well that’s not entirely true here.  Last month my younger brother FINALLY married the sweetest little lady on the planet… years in the making, one awesome night.

With best man responsibilities on the evening’s horizon and an inner wanting to be fully present in the moment, I limited myself to a single disposable camera my brother gave as a groomsman gift.

Awesome idea by the way.

Seeing the films scans I got back unlocked a sudden need to photograph an entire wedding with a dozen of these little cameras… so discrete and fun.  Genuainly asking, anyone out there willing to invite me to the wedding and use only these film cameras will be my forever hero… I’m dead serious.


  1. gian says:

    this is fantastic Chris, I really respect your ability to experiment and stretch your already very define style.

  2. Carley Mostar says:

    I’m genuinely willing to invite you to my wedding and use only these cameras! I love this look and would insanely love for a real photographer to document my favorite day this way.

    • Chris Glenn says:

      Carley! I am 10000% down for this, give me a shout (hello@chrisglenn.com) and I will do anything to make this really happen. That would be so awesome, I’ve been dying to document another day with these little gem of a camera. Thanks Carley!

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